Compare what Gould says about reification and false dichotomies with what David Wootton says, on page 90 of The Invention of Science about our being unable to give up the idea of a discovery (scientific or otherwise) happening at an instant. An instant discovery can be attributed to just one person and so we get the myth of a discovery and a discoverer. (As opposed to many discoverers over a period of time.)

It’s also interesting to think about how Wootton’s point about discovery and precedence relates to things like intellectual property, copyright and plagiarism. See an article in The Economist (March 31st 2018) on whether Martin Luther King was guilty of plagiarism. It argues that the folk traditions which King grew up with had different rules about borrowing. ‘Repetition of a familiar phrase was a sign of respect, not duplicity.’ Note also the borrowing traditions in music, in particular in jazz, folk and blues.