The following quote appears on page 85 of Stephen Stigler’s The History of Statistics

De Moivre summarised the importance of his results in these words: “altho’ Chance produces Irregularities, still the Odds will be infinitely great, that in process of Time, those Irregularities will bear no proportion to the recurrency of that Order which naturally results from ORIGINAL DESIGN’

It shows that, for De Moivre, the point of the law of large numbers was not to quantify uncertainty but rather to uncover the perfect regularities found in God’s original design. I like this example because it exposes an assumption that I didn’t even know I was making: that De Moivre’s concerns were the same as ours.

This demonstrates the importance of understanding the worlds from which our ideas originated. Heidegger, for example, thought that for the medieval scholar what is fundamental to the world is the mind of God, and all efforts towards knowledge are directed at understanding His intentions. Although he comes a while after the medieval period, this seems like a good explanation for De Moivre’s attitude toward his discovery.