For Vico, men ask different questions of the universe, and their answers are shaped accordingly : such questions, and the symbols or acts that express them, alter or become obsolete in the course of cultural development; to understand the answers one must understand the questions that preoccupy an age or a culture ; they are not constant nor necessarily more profound because they resemble our own more than others that are less familiar to us.

Counter Enlightenment

But the vast amount of ignorance about what technology is, about its relation to pure research, about the degree to which its methods transform men including scientists, and finally what is common and what is not, to scientific, and literary, and critical or historical thought, is so great (and growing) that this alone puts both statesmen and the elected representatives of the people, and the electorate itself, at the mercy of experts, who are often themselves, at best, one-eyed. This situation breeds systematic misunderstanding, and leads to the accumulation of power by the experts-scientific middlemen—whom the awe of both public and politicians renders relatively immune to democratic control. It is absurd to regard this state of affairs as irremediable. The irresistible, as Justice Brandeis once observed, is often simply that which is not resisted.

General Education